Personal Branding

What shows up when you Google your name? Jessi Duffin can optimize SERPs and social platforms for your image.

Paid Advertising

PPC is more than just putting an ad on Google. It’s about executing a larger, integrated marketing strategy to increase your profit.

Dashboard Development

Reporting is reactive. Dashboards are proactive. Get live, data-rich visibility on exactly how your business and departments are doing.

Leadership Training

The best leaders are those who have built upon themselves, who maximize the strengths that they already have. See how to reach your full potential.

Helping You Find Success With Marketing Consulting

Hire Duffin Digital To Help With Your Marketing Strategy

Duffin Digital takes a holistic approach to your online marketing strategy, brand development and executive consulting.  Bryan and Jessi Duffin will put together a comprehensive marketing plan and custom package tailored to your specific and individualized needs.  You may not need help with every area that Duffin Digital offers, which is why Bryan and Jessi will schedule your first consultation free so that they can meet with you to understand your organization’s needs, growth desires and marketing project initiatives so that they can provide the most strategic recommendations to give you a competitive advantage.

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What Is Marketing Consulting?

Brand Identity & Personal Branding

Jessi Duffin can help develop new brands or help to improve your online image. Duffin Digital offers review recommendations, style guide & logo creation, professional headshots and more.

PPC Consulting & Social Media Advertising

Bryan Duffin is an expert with PPC. He can help you set up integrated marketing strategies across all advertising channels so that you can start increasing your revenue and profitability.

Dashboards, Tools, Automated Templates

Let Duffin Digital create stunning visuals and dashboards for your business. Bryan and Jessi can work with any size of data, large or small as well as any business industry to find the right business intelligence insights.

Leadership & Executive Consulting, Lifestyle Coach

Duffin Digital offers consulting services for CEOs, COO’s and other C-Level executives on initiatives such as scaling and profitability, company culture, value propisition and mission statements as well as navigating hyper growth.

Frequently Asked Questions? FAQ

Learn more about Duffin Digital’s frequently asked questions (FAQ) and also how your organization can benefit from Bryan and Jessi’s Marketing Consulting.

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Why Do I Need Personal Branding?

77% of employers Google candidates before hiring them and also 74% of consumers check a reviews website before making a purchase. Personal Branding helps you become authoritative and trusted by search engines, social platforms, and others.

Why Do I Need Paid Advertising?

Digital marketing has become increasingly complex. PPC now, even more than before, is key to maximizing the output of your other marketing channels and strategies.

What Platforms Should I Advertise On?

Each marketing channel – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, and even Bing – has unique strengths & weaknesses, and thus can be a better or lesser fit depending on your business or goal. If you aren’t sure which platforms you should start on, speak with Bryan Duffin about your PPC goals and he will guide you in the right direction.

How Much Data Do We Need For A Dashboard?

There is no minimum data required before creating a dashboard. In fact, the sooner you have data-fed insights, the more likely you are to be successful at navigating the growth of your business. Even a small amount of data can provide valuable intelligence. Dashboards also work best when they evolve and grow with your company.

Who Do You Help With Executive Consulting?

Bryan and Jessi help c-level executives by giving them a wide range of tools to build their company, their employees, and themselves. They can give a personalized coaching approached for any single leader, or train executive teams to become a more cohesive leadership unit as they work together.

Duffin Digital Process

The Duffin Digital Consulting process begins by taking a look at your brand and business identity to determine your needs.  Bryan and Jessi will look at the online reputation, reviews and personal branding of the organization and/or C-level executives to make sure that you are accurately portraying your image as you desire. Next, Bryan Duffin will perform a light audit of your marketing and advertising channels to recommend the best strategy. The third step in the process is setting up your dashboards and data visualization. Bryan and Jessi Duffin will create stunning visuals, automated tools & templates and reporting with your data to help you make the best decisions for your company by utilizing top business intelligence principles and practices. The final step in the Duffin Digital process is Executive Coaching and Leadership Consulting. Duffin Digital helps executives navigate hyper growth, scale an organization, improve processes and increase profitability. Bryan and Jessi can also help your business determine your value proposition and mission statement, and also consult on how to improve your company’s culture. Duffin Digital Consulting is available for Marketing Consulting at any stage in your growth.

Duffin Digital Approach

Brand Development

Jessi Duffin can help you establish a new brand identity, develop a personal image, become an Influencer and more. From style guide creation, logo redesigns, professional headshots and photography to managing your online image, presence and exposure.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Bryan Duffin is a self proclaimed PPC Wizard and can help your marketing strategy across any channel or platform. He can help you or your business on Google Ads, Quora, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook and more. He will focus on maximizing your ROI.

Data Visualization

As Google Sheets Developers, Duffin Digital can create various different automated tools, templates and dashboards. Bryan and Jessi can create data models and dashboards in your preferred tool such as Grow, PowerBI, Tableau and more.

Executive Coaching

Bryan and Jessi Duffin consult with Executives, Managers, CEO’s and other C-Level Positions on how to be strength’s based leaders & coaches, how to navigate hyper growth as well as how to scale your organization while maintaining maximum profits.

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