“If your goal is anything but profitability – if it’s to be big, or to grow fast, or to become a technology leader – you’ll hit problems.”

-Michael Porter

Harvard Business – Author of Competitive Strategy


Executive Coaching in Lehi, Utah

Are you a c-level executive in a fast growing start-up or SMB? Do you need help navigating your organization, improving your company culture or scaling your product offering to increase your profitability? Bryan and Jessi have helped many executives with dealing with hyper growth as an organization. They can help you implement processes to have a solid foundation that will enable your organization to grow and scale while maximizing your profits.

Bryan and Jessi have helped with fulfillment logistics, product operations, developing sales processes and effective lead generation strategies as well as marketing initiatives and email campaigns. Your success, profitability and employee satisfaction is the number one priority.

According to Gallup research, when you have employees who are engaged and satisfied at work, you will see a 15-30% increase in your profits & sales.  Duffin Digital can help train your managers to become Strength’s Based Leaders, Coaches and high performing individuals who are engaged and motivated thus significantly improving your companies culture.



Sales Operations Development

  • Lead Qualification Definition (MQL, SQL, etc)
  • Lead Scoring Systems
  • CRM Integration & Set-Up
  • Contracts & Proposal Enhancements

Marketing Operations Enhancement

  • Calculating ROI on Marketing Channels
  • Drip & Nurture Campaigns


Client Operations & Employee Satisfaction

  • Client or Employee Churn Analysis
  • Client or Employee Satisfaction Evaluation
  • Customer Journey, Life Time Value
  • Fulfillment Team Productivity Reporting
  • Employee Engagement Initiatives

Why Hire Duffin Digital

According to a Harvard study, the failure rate of organizations is up to 40%. This means that 10 years from now, many of the businesses that we see today will no longer exist. It is imperative to have the right business intelligence in place so that you can accurately predict the right strategy for your success.

Bryan and Jessi Duffin take a truly data-driven approach to executive consulting and coaching because in order to make the best decisions, you have to analyze your organization and understand your current landscape. Duffin Digital can help you put together the following:

  • Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Client Demographics & Brand Personas
  • Mapping Your Customer Journey
  • Full Funnel Strategy & Implementation
  • Comprehensive Business Analysis
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveying
  • eNPS & Client NPS
  • Predictive Models
  • Risk Analysis
  • Growth & Profitability Projections

Through a data-driven, business intelligence approach, Duffin Digital is able to recommend and consult with you on how to implement the best strategy for your organizations continued success and profitability.  Learn more about Bryan & Jessi Duffin, or schedule your free consultation today.

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