Bryan & Jessi Duffin are


Marketing Consultants

Located in Lehi, Utah.  Specializing in Personal Branding, Paid Advertising, Dashboard Development and Executive Coaching.  Duffin Digital Consulting can help you or your businesses build your brand, enhance your marketing, analyze your data or help you to become a great leader.

Personal Branding

Work with Jessi Duffin on developing or enhancing your personal branding.

Paid Advertising

Work with Bryan Duffin on developing or optimizing your paid advertising.

Helping You Achieve Success

Build Your Brand, Set Up Your Paid Advertising, Enhance Reporting With Data Visualization, & Create A High Performing Team

Duffin Digital’s marketing consulting packages are comprehensive and they can handle anything, no matter what stage you are in.  Bryan and Jessi Duffin can help develop your brand from scratch, optimize and accelerate your paid advertising, or help train your team.  They will customize a solution that is specific to you and your personal and/or business needs.

Brand Development

Paid Advertising & Lead Generation

Dashboards & KPI Reporting

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Personal Branding

Do you need help with creating your personal brand or are you a business that is rebranding? Jessi is an expert in perfecting your online image.

Paid Advertising

Bryan can help with Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Quora or LinkedIn. He can also help with Programmatic or Geo-Targeting as well.

Dashboard Development

As Google Sheets Developers, Bryan and Jessi can create automated dashboards, templates & tools to report on your KPI’s or improve your current processes.

Executive Coaching

We’ve worked with many SMBs & start-ups and understand fully how to navigate hyper growth while maintaining profitability allowing your business to scale.

Why Work With Duffin Digital Consulting?
Their Process

Duffin Digital will custom tailor their process to your specific needs.  They can help with any stage that your business or marketing strategy may be in.  This might be, helping new businesses and individuals develop their brand image, setting up your paid advertising on Google Ads, Bing, Quora, Facebook or LinkedIn.  Or if you are an already established organization, Bryan and Jessi Duffin can help with executive & leadership consulting or dashboard creation to visualize your data.

Brand Development

Jessi can help develop your personal brand or image depending on your needs.  This may include logo design, designing style guides, taking professional headshots or working on your personal image or exposure.

Marketing Consulting

Do you need help with your marketing?  Bryan & Jessi can help you develop and implement a strategy for any stage in the funnel across any advertising channel.

Paid Advertising

Bryan is a genius when it comes to paid advertising (PPC).  He can help your marketing efforts across any platform.  Bryan specializes in Google Ads, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora and Programmatic Display.

Dashboard Development

Need to visualize or analyze your data?  Bryan and Jessi are both Google Sheets Developers and can create custom tools and dashboards.  Jessi is also certified with Grow.com, has expertise in PowerBI, SQL and more to analyze or visualize your data and help with your business intelligence.

Executive Consulting

Bryan and Jessi have worked with many different executives at start-ups and SMBs across many different business industries.  They can help you become a strengths based leader, improve your company culture and lead a high performing organization.

About Bryan & Jessi


Bryan and Jessi Duffin have been working in Digital Marketing for years and actually met at an agency in Lehi.  Shortly after meeting, they eloped in Puerto Rico and now reside in Lehi, Utah with their 2 children.

Bryan & Jessi Duffin are considered to be a jack & jill of all trades, as they both possess many strengths and skills in all areas of marketing, advertising & business intelligence.




“Bryan is able to pull data and build reports with statistics unlike you have ever seen before. A person like Bryan, with his data skills, is absolutely necessary for every marketing team in today’s online advertising world.”

Clayton Krebs

COO, KickAdz

“During our time together, I was impressed at the amazing results Jessi achieved. I have known her to be a highly organized and driven business partner and colleague. She is passionate about her work and driven by results which show in her consistency.“

Greg Garcia

Vice President, Merlin

“He truly is an expert in his field and knows how to execute on a marketing strategy. Big Leap’s clients often raved about their experience working with Bryan as well. Any company would be made better by having him around.”

Zachary Haycock

Director of Sales, Big Leap

Latest Work

Dashboard Development

Bryan and Jessi can create dashboards, tools and templates with your data.  Visualize your businesses KPIs and valuable metrics. Have all your decisions backed by data.

Keynote Speakers

Bryan Duffin recently spoke at the Utah Digital Marketing Collective’s monthly conference on Programmatic Display Advertising. We can speak on large variety of topics!

Leadership Coaching

Bryan and Jessi have helped executives to improve company culture and to lead high performing, efficient teams.  They can coach you to be a great leader.

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Bryan and Jessi are experts in the Digital Marketing industry and can help answer any questions that you may have regarding your current marketing, paid advertising, business intelligence or organizational strategies such as sales operations or marketing tactics.


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